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Alternative Hotkeys for Homeworld: DOK

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  • Alternative Hotkeys for Homeworld: DOK

    Attached is a hotkey file I made with my preferred hotkeys.

    Unit Construction is mapped to QWER.
    Airforce is mapped to TGB (to get out of the way of QWER)
    Select all military units is mapped to ALT
    A couple other changes to suit my ergonomic preferences.

    Installation Instructions:
    Download file and remove .txt extension (I had to add that so forums would allow me to upload).
    Go to Deserts of Kharak folder in Steamapps
    Replace the original "default.dokhotkeys" file with the new one.

    Editting the file is really easy and straightforward, so if you don't like the choices I made, don't complain about them here. Just fix it yourself and post your version in this thread.
    Additional documentation of the hotkey file is here:

    Attached Files