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  • Proposed changes/bug fixes

    Hi, just finished DoK and wanted to share some feedback towards improving the experience. I'll update this based on future ideas and good proposals from the community. Here goes:

    - Bombers never drop the bomb on the first flythrough, making them ripe targets for more AA salvos. This makes bombers unattractive gameplay-wise in my opinion.

    - Most of the Gaalsien Carriers I've destroyed made a head on rush towards the Kapisi at the end. It looked very cool the first time up until the cutscene started upon the Carrier's destruction where it went straight up ghost-mode and drove through the Kapisi and exploded inside of it! Although pretty hardcore, you can see why this might be a bit unimmersive. The ghost-mode effect happened twice more after that during the campaign. So, how about introducing ram damage, or at least disable the possibility for clipping (not sure if this is the right term, I'm not a developer/programmer) to occur