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    Please remove these auto ranked game achievements from the game as this part of the game is dead and no longer manageable.

    Multiplayer: 1 v 1 - Bronze
    Multiplayer: 1 v 1 - Silver
    Multiplayer: 1 v 1 - Gold
    Multiplayer: 1 v 1 - Platinum
    Multiplayer: 1 v 1 - Diamond
    Multiplayer: 1 v 1 - 5 Stars

    Multiplayer: 2 v 2 - Bronze
    Multiplayer: 2 v 2 - Silver
    Multiplayer: 2 v 2 - Gold
    Multiplayer: 2 v 2 - Platinum
    Multiplayer: 2 v 2 - Diamond
    Multiplayer: 2 v 2 - 5 Stars

    Multiplayer: 3 v 3 - Bronze
    Multiplayer: 3 v 3 - Silver
    Multiplayer: 3 v 3 - Gold
    Multiplayer: 3 v 3 - Platinum
    Multiplayer: 3 v 3 - Diamond
    Multiplayer: 3 v 3 - 5 Stars

    Nobody is playing this part of the game.

    For me, achievements are yet another challenge of the game. But they should also be solvable.
    It is, of course, desirable for the developer to play a game long actively. But there is no solution to force players with Steam achievements to do so.

    Add more campaign-related achievements. Complete Mission 10 without aircraft or similar if it is technically solvable.

    Will there be any new content in the future? I find the game great and it still has potential!

    (thx to google translate)
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      Thanks for the feedback. We are examining the current state of achievements.

      If you are looking for ranked multiplayer games you may have luck finding opponents on the Homeworld discord server:




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        Hi Guys,
        Any news on what will happen regarding the achievements, I noticed that in the steam forums their is a handful of people asking about it too, seems to be a good portion feeling the same way as I and a few others here do. Hopefully their will be some news soon?


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          Still under discussion. With our focus on Eagle it has been on the back burner for the past several weeks.




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            My 2 cents

            Pretty big RTS fan here, at 46 I have been playing them for over 30 years. I really got into the steam achievements for the games I play. At first because I like to "collect" but later saw real value in learning the game inside and out from each faction perspective when attempting the achievements. It really has been no different with DOK, the achievements did force me to play factions I originally had no interest in and later became a fan of.

            All that said, the DOK achievements do not match most game achievements in that there are certainly some that are nearly impossible to achieve in a reasonable amount of time( e.g. Multi Player diamond ?x?). If the top player in the game has not achieved it within a few months of game release then it is doubtful your average fan will ever see that icon's color glow in their collection.

            This does discourage some from even trying to start, and in my eyes any discouragement of a fan to explore this wonderful game is something I would avoid. My 2 cents.

            PS It has not stopped me from trying to get them... I occasionally post in discord that I am launching a ladder map in hopes of finding an opponent!
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