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Canon Taiidan carrier size?

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  • Canon Taiidan carrier size?

    This is something thats caused a few debates, in the original game the carrier was 'only' about 500 meters long while in deserts of kharak it is significantly bigger, what is the canon size for the ship? or is this a different class to the carriers in the first game?

    this questions been in my mind for a while now and how it possibly makes all of the ships in the original game closer to their size in the manual rather then gameplay

    which also makes me wonder what is canon for the mothership, the smaller in game size or the 40 or so km height implied by the scaffold height
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    Game play considerations almost always skew unit scale in RTS games (look at the size of Carriers and Battlecruisers compared to Marines in Starcraft for example), so what is represented in a mission will not always translate directly with what is intended in the lore.

    Unfortunately I can't speak to the other Homeworld games, but can say that for DoK that what is in the Expedition Guide is intended to be "cannon".

    Sorry that this doesn't directly answer your question.




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      Thanks for the reply, so basically 'dont look at in game scales when trying to discuss lore' thanks for clearing that up