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Was told to post this here. Basic outline for a custom Kiith Nabaal faction.

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  • Was told to post this here. Basic outline for a custom Kiith Nabaal faction.

    In a nutshell, I saw this picture ( and was inspired to create a new faction. Defensive. Utilizes actual structures!

    Kiith Naabal

    Concept: Coalition Faction that utilizes sedimentary structures instead of using a Carrier/Production Cruisers.

    TIER 1:

    Shipbreaker: Resource collector. Breaks wrecks.

    Baserunner: Baserunner Equivalent. Special Ability: Overdrive the engine to gain a burst of speed, while taking damage over time while active.

    (NEW) Battlerunner: Baserunner upgrade. Available on tech tree. All Baserunners gain extra armor, more speed, and a powerful defensive turret.

    (NEW) Defender: LAV-Tier Unit. Slower, more heavily armored. Low damage, but can shed armor and deploy to turn into a defensive turret. Weak against armored units. WHEN DEPLOYED: Strong against ground units.

    (NEW) Builder: Constructs small structures. Able to self-destruct, dealing heavy damage in a small area of effect.

    TIER 2:

    HAC: AAV Equivalent. Special Ability: Groups of 3 or more gain an Accuracy and Rate of Fire bonus. Loses smoke.

    Railgun: Railgun Equivalent.

    (NEW) Flakboat: Hovering Anti-Air unit. Uses multi-barreled flak cannons that fire area of effect shots. Strong against light vehicles and aircraft. Weak against armored units. Ability: Tracer Rounds. Gains accuracy, but loses AoE.

    TIER 3:

    (NEW) Airscout: Probe unit. Deploys from Mothership and Garage. Free if deployed from Mothership. Armed with a single high-powered missile, able to one-shot an LAV/Skimmer. Weak to everything.

    Interceptor: Interceptor equivalent.

    (NEW) Airgunship: Combined-arms aircraft. Ability: Switch Mode. Mode One strafes the targeted area. Strong against light units. Mode Two activates a hover mode, utilizing a slow-firing long-range cannon. Strong against armored targets. Weak to anti-air in both modes.

    TIER 4:

    (NEW) MPROD Vehicle: Major Construction unit. Constructs large structures. Ability: Internal Component: Able to construct a single structure internally. Ability: Enhancement. Can improve a single aspect of the vehicle: Either the speed, armor, or offensive power.

    (NEW) Dunereaper: Large hovering cruiser. Armed with 4 powerful miniguns and a single large cannon in a straight forward firing arc. Ability: EMP Rounds. The cannon loses half of its damage, but shots disable units in a small area of effect. Strong against light and air, weak at long ranges.

    (NEW) Droneship: Large Cruiser. Equipped with a maximum of 8 rapid-deploy drones that are constructed on the Droneship. Able to construct anti-light, anti-armor, or anti-air drones. Drones are free, but take time to construct.


    Small Mothership. Only capable of constructing Shipbreakers, Builders, and Airscouts. Able to launch supply nodes for army cap.

    Power Tiers: Improved Weapons, Linked Armor Plating, Improved Speed, Construction Efficency.

    Improved Weapons: Onboard weapons are more powerful. Each major tier activates a new powerful minigun.

    Linked Armor Plating: All nearby units and the Mothership gain increased armor.

    Improved Speed: Mothership moves notably faster.

    Construction Efficency: All production facilities construct faster.

    NUKE: Launches satellite dish into the atmosphere. Bounces a powerful ion beam from the Ion Array structure. Available faster than other faction nukes.


    Small Structures:

    Refinery: Resource collection facility. Builds quickly, medium health, low armor. Equipped with a single powerful minigun.

    Garage: Production facility. Able to construct TIER 1 , TIER 2, and TIER 3 units, and the MPROD. Builds medium, medium health, medium armor. Equipped with a single powerful minigun.

    Research Facility: Able to research faction upgrades. Builds medium, low health, low armor. Equipped with a single powerful minigun.

    Minigun Node: Defensive structure. Builds medium, medium health, high armor. Equipped with two powerful, but low range, miniguns.

    Repair Tower: Structure that repairs all nearby allied units in a field. Builds low, low health, low armor.

    Large Structures:

    Factory: Production facility. Able to construct TIER 4 units. Builds medium, high health, high armor. Equipped with a single powerful minigun.

    Firebase: Defensive structure. A single large, powerful railgun on a tall tower. Long range and high power, but low rate of fire and stunted accuracy.

    Ion Array: Superweapon. If carrier has fired the satellite into the air, able to fire a powerful ion beam at a targeted location for a few seconds. Able to control where the beam is aiming. If targeted at your Mothership, ion emissions are emitted around the Mothership in an area of effect, dealing high damage to all enemy units. After this, however, the Mothership is disabled for a fixed amount of time, losing all movement, production, and power capabilities.

    I don't balance, so I don't know about any of this stuff. Say what you will, I suppose!
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