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    Hello Guys,
    My name is Pandamonium and maybe some people remember me from my brief times back in the relic forums, where I polluted the Aether with some of my art in the Ship-Tan threads.
    Anyways I have recently played through deserts of Kharak again for the millionth time and over the past 2 months I have been thinking, dreaming and drawing in it's creative light.
    So over that time I accumilated quite a few pictures and ideas that I would really love to share with you all, discuss them, build upon them etc. Of course I'd love nothing more if anyone interested would share their art here too, should they wish to.
    Unfortunately this Forum is giving me a little trouble with creating a new topic, when I tried to add pictures right away, so I'm gonna try and take it a little slower and just start with these opening lines and see where it leads.
    Let's get this party startet!

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    There is some problem with pictures when you start new topic but you can add pictures in your post by editing it. Cant wait to see your art


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      I want to start off with things, that weirded me out about DOK, so that I can move on and talk about how much I LOVE this game.
      One of these odd things were the names of our protagonist siblings Rachel and Jacob S'jet. Rachel and Jacob just sound not very Kharakid compared to Karan, Mevath or Riif. But since Homeworld was always full of bible references I turned my attention to Wikipedia and what do you know, Rachel is considered the mother and Jacob the father of the 12 Isrealite tribes. Considering that the isrealites spent 40 years in the desert and the Kushan/Hiigarans 4000 on Kharak I think the hints and nudges are clear : )

      Next there's this picture of the Khar Toba wreckage in the ending sequence.
      It doesn't make much sense to me that Paktu, Manaan and Soban have their sigils in there.
      Paktu might make sense still as they may only have changed their colors after their exodus to the southern hemisphere. But since Manaans logo is a sand dune I have my doubts that they already existed in the time of the city of Khar Toba, or at least not with that particular sigil.
      Now Kiith Soban is not even a discussion, since they were only found in 416KDS , a good 1500+ years after the time of Khar Toba. My only explaination is that Paktu, Soban and Manaan just have such a high recognition value.

      Then of course there is the assault cruiser. It's 100% Gaalsii , even the wavy stripes in the color scheme. Don't get me wrong; I LOVE this thing it's probably my most favourite unit,because it's so versitile. I think it's coalition existence is owed to what I suspect to be time restraints and balancing issues. Without it the cruiser department of the coalition would certainly lack a lot of punch against the fast gaalsii attack vehicles and assault rail guns. And the Gaalsien can definately compensate for it with their long range siege cruisers and capable railguns. It's just that it could use some fluff about why the coalition has it and mabye a few coalition desing elements on it.

      Lastly, the coalition AAV. There is even a whole thread just for it's odd design. To me it just sticks out like an amazingly sore thumb with it's cartoonish gattling ,as compared to the other units that are SO WELL balanced in their designs.Further down the post I put some fixes that I am very fond of.
      Finally it's time to put the Art into here!

      I wanted to Split this up in some rough categories:

      The Kiithid of Kharak
      The People of Kharak
      Vehicular madness
      And the planet of Kharak

      Let's start:

      The Kiithid of Kharak:

      Here is a little List of all Kiithid I could find and a quick description what they're known for:

      Feriil - one of the (former) mayor religious Kiitid
      Gaalsien - religious desert zealots and our main advesary in DOK
      Jaraci - Leykab Jaraci accidentaly found the Khar Toba, by messing up a satelite. I guess they're scientists - apperture scientists : )
      Kaalel - information specialists and warriors
      Hraal - diverse industrial kiithid
      Liir'hra - Space industry kiith made up of a smaller kiith and the entire manufacturing wing of Hraal
      Magan - no info
      Manaan - traders, nomands , artisans, diplomats and hungry for everything new and exciting
      Nabaal - Major industrial force on kharak, single handedly conquered it all , just to free everyone! And bring about the age of reason ( I wish we would live in an age called like that)
      Paktu - Free spirited positive Farmers and Warriors
      S'Jet - SCIENCE! Nuff said
      Sagald - Scientific Kiith, Mevath Sagald found the Guidstone
      Sidiim - influential, religious, wealthy douchébags
      Soban - Warriors and strategists, no one is born Soban, they can only be joined. Kharaks Finest.
      Somtaaw - formerly religious, then ressourceful miners, beastwar never happened <.<
      Tambur - Bounty hunters, yay!
      Riif - presumably warriors and strategists. Mentioned in the HW1 Handbook

      Now I have made some screenshots of all the avaliable CPU player colors, which I am pretty sure represent the colors for most of the known Kiithid. I named them all but I'm not 100% on all, but Nabaal and S'jet. I would really love some confirmation/correction on those from BBI : )

      The People of Kharak:

      Here I just went out and sketched just what came to my mind, so not much guided design work, but certainly a bit of fun.
      In general I oriented myself a little on existing desert people ,like the Tuareg, with all their scarfs and cloth. I'm sure I'll get a more focused look down soon.
      Starting of are two Gaalsien
      These are 2 more supposed Gaalsien, I am espeacially fond of the technique that I used on the scarf , which involves white ink ,copic layering and careful scraping
      A few sketches of Karan are always nice to do complete with a Nabaal Mechanic
      Speaking of Karan, here's a fully suited Science Karan and a little concept of Mevath Sagald
      A S'Jeti Scientist , just enjoying a smoke. And as you'll see I love the Scarfs and Skirts.
      Following up with two Sobani Warriors
      and a Sobani courier on the move

      Vehicular Madness:

      Oh boy oh boy , aren't the vehicles the heart and soul of this game? What really drove me in the sketches was the idea of what was happening after the defeat of the Gaalsien. I'm 100% certain that the coalition will love to adapt some of their designs to hover craft. And then of course I would like to explore the different policies and variants of the Vehicles in all the different Kiith.
      Starting off are some ideas in general and Hover conversions/redesign for the coalition vehicles
      A Manaani troop transport maybe ?
      A Soban Baserunner, that thing was fun
      Poormans Somtaaw AAV
      And one of my favourite ideas , somtaaw being the cheap crummy little enthusiasts they are I imagine that they wont be able to afford deep desert carriers , but surely they can weld 2 support cruisers together , give them limited production capablities , add a little defense and outfit it with scavanged Gaalsien tech! I'd love to play a campaign arround that : )
      finishing up the vehicle category is my try on fixing the main gun issues of the AAV. What do you think ?

      The Planet of Kharak:

      What I've been missing in the game , were to see the Poles of Kharak, because it can't just all be 100% desert there with some salty waters.
      People need to eat something , they need to clothe themselves, build houses/holds etc. and that needs wood, grasses, you name it.
      I Imagine the polar landscape to look somewhat like the african atlas mountains , were we have desert to snow with a very arid climate, yet still Oasises and the likes.
      In my few environment sketches I tried to draw that a little and explore the possible flora of Kharak.

      Pine trees of kharak
      Palm trees of Kharak , with possible uses
      I'm very sorry for this overly looooong post, but I really had to get these sketches out and I can't wait for your feedbacks and ideas, because I really want to continue to create more content arround the Homeworld franchise, specificaly about Kharak , a planet I fell in love with.
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        Okay , fun thing is ,that I was Able to make the post and add 1 Picture arfterwards but then I cannot edit anything anymore. this is kinda sad. I would like to add quite some more pictures. Am I missing something ? here are ALL of the pictures that I had in mind for the post, so you have something to look at.
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          "Somtaaw at work"


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            Damn dude! Love all the sketches! Makes me wish I had more creative energy : P