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  • Virtual Realms DoK coverage

    Hello folks!
    I'm testing the waters here, as I would like very much to not step on anyone's toes inadvertently.

    I cover a variety of games on my YouTube channel, and when the DoK release date was announced I decided to do a very brief video that hopefully would clear up some of the speculation (and in some cases outright misinformation) that began circulating throughout the gaming community... especially on the Steam forums.

    So this episode is of a very general nature, and includes the latest promotional trailer at the end. If there is any part of this (posting of a YouTube link here on the forums, or inclusion of the trailer in the video) that does not fall within the comfort zone of the development or community team for BBI please let me know and I will remove it immediately.

    Otherwise, hopefully it was able to answer a lot of the more basic questions folks had about what DoK was all about and what it's connection was to the Homeworld franchise. I will ask for your indulgence on my diction and inflection in places, as I was literally sick as a dog and somewhat heavily medicated at the time this video was created.

    If the posting of this video is deemed acceptable, hopefully future episodes relating to DoK will be able to be placed here as well. If there is a more appropriate place or method, please let me know.

    Thanks my friends!

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    Hey Ranger 1, Thanks for covering our game. Its always good to see people excited about something you work on. Great Video and cant wait to see more when it becomes available.


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      Many thanks Subskewed! I plan to devote a section of the channel to DoK and (when the time comes) related Mods.
      I have little doubt that the release will be a smashing success. In the meantime, Happy Holidays to you and the rest of the BBI team.


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        Awesome job! I hope the Steam people find their way to the video! Have you tried posting it in the Steam Community page?


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          Thanks Sabin!
          I have tried to upload it to the video section of the DoK community Hub on Steam, however it did not appear to be accepting any video submissions at that time (I will try again over the next few days).
          In the meantime I have put it in the video section of the Homeworld: Remastered community, primarily because I felt that community would be the group most interested in the title.
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            I just saw this video last night! Got some pretty heavy-duty speculation going on there, love it.


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              Originally posted by BBI-MichaelK View Post
              I just saw this video last night! Got some pretty heavy-duty speculation going on there, love it.
              Thanks MichaelK! I could be a lot more accurate (or a lot more deliberately vague about key points, if you prefer) if I had a chance to get my hands on the release.
              (NDA and I are old friends... just sayin'...)


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                Hey! Get in line like the rest of us.

                Also, you sound kinda like Neil deGrasse. Just sayin.


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                  Hey, you never know til you try!
                  Unlike Neil, I never let scientific fact get in the way of a good story.

                  Now if only I could figure out how to get a clickable image with a link to my channel in my signature I'd be all set... but apparently I fail at slick forum presentation techniques.
                  Can anyone lend a hand in that direction? So far this forum is defeating me (I blame myself).


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                    Very cool video. And for someone that was sick, you did fine. Your voice is super smooth, ahah!


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                      I came across this video while doing a random search on Youtube for DoK. I'm a fan. =]


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                        I appreciate that gentlemen, thank you.