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Blinking, flickering shadows issue..

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  • Blinking, flickering shadows issue..

    Here's the video link.

    You can see the blocky shadows, especially of the small units, and it doesn't seems like properly anti-alised.

    Blinking/moving shapes of shadows is a problem, too.

    It appears especially when the most of vehicles move. Look at baserunner's attached scout drone. This kind of problem occurs in many cases.

    And In this video clip, I changed shadow option off to High, but nothing changed. Additionaly, Geforce Experience does not recognize Desert of the Kharak.

    I already asked about it to Gearbox Software Support, but they repeatedly say "We can't point out what seems so strange to you."

    My PC Spec - i5 6600, gtx1070(msi), 16gb of RAM. Of course, the GPU driver is updated(368.39).