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Performance issues on higher end pc

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  • Performance issues on higher end pc


    I am having performance problems where fps is around 45 or with drops under 40 especially with rotating the camera. The selection boxes and move lines with a bigger number of units selected make things even worse.

    This is a constant throughout the game. I used to have a gtx 970, switching to 1070 didn't make any difference.

    I tried reinstalling, verifying files on steam, running the game in dx9 mode, switching off hyperthreading and some other suggestions that I don't even remember anymore since it's been 2 years...

    My rig:

    CPU: i7 6700 (not K)
    GPU: gtx 1070 (gigabyte G1)
    RAM: kingston ddr4 16gb
    OS: Windows 10

    Also adding dxdiag,and the game's output text log...

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    Hello Hellmaker,

    Thanks for reporting this issue and for including your Output log and DxDiag. It is a known issue that we are still trying to track the cause of, and each piece of data is helpful. We believe it may have something to do with the version of Unity DoK was built in, but are not entirely sure at this time.




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      Glad this issue is still being looked after. I haven't been able to continue the campaign because the framerate would drop to the 20s or lower especially when there's alot of units in sight.
      Hopefully this gets resolved soon.


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        Same probleme

        i7 4790K (OC 4.4 Ghz) - KFA2 GTX 1070 8Go EXOC - 16Go RAM DDR3 1866 Kingston Hyper X - MSI Z87-G55 - Asus VG248QE & 3D Vision 2 - Windows 10 Pro 64Bits on SSD Samsung 840


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          Dracon, can you provide some more details on the issue you are seeing?