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  • Welcome to the BBI Forums!

    Hi everyone,

    We are excited to be launching the Blackbird Interactive forums today, and want to give everyone coming in a warm welcome. We've built this forum so the players of our games have a place to talk directly with us at BBI. A number of our team have registered already, and are looking forward to interacting directly with you.

    We are still working out the kinks of this new forum, so please bear with us as we shake out the kinks. We will make sure the rules for conduct in these forums are clearly displayed in both the registration process and on the site, and I'm sure we will need to spell out specific details as we go, but for now, please keep these three simple guidelines in place and everything should go smoothly:
    • Be civil and courteous to all of the members of this forum, members and BBI employees alike.
    • Please remember that while the forum might be ages 13 and up, the players of our games might be younger, so please keep the content PG rated.
    • Help us improve by giving feedback! Whether it's the games or the forum experience, we want to hear from you!
    Thanks again for taking the time to get this far. We at BBI look forward to a long future interacting with all of you

    - The BBI Team

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    Thanks for the welcome, excited to see what this new game will bring! I'm sure it will have been worth the long wait!


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      Yes, I was waiting so long for these forums ! Thank you very much for this !


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        Thank for welcome, we have really long waiting for these.

        Now we just need more Homeworld (like Final Fantasy.. when You plan to release Homeworld 15? ).


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          Thank you for forums and congratulate you on entering final straight!

          We look forward to the time when we can enjoy the results of your many years of hard work.

          PS. HW15... Kalgai squadron... Yes, the memory of it and hope still lives in our hearts...


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            Hey all -- happy this project is nearly ready for release. It looks like C&C with future tech!


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              Originally posted by zoaria View Post
              Hey all -- happy this project is nearly ready for release. It looks like C&C with future tech!

              god I hope not...... looks like homeworld on land to me


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                Thx for the welcome, and nice greetings form Hamburg to Vancouver.

                I think a much of you guy´s. I have begon to play Homeworld in the age 19 this was in 2006 with Homeworld 2 and since then I be infect with the Homeworld-Virus.
                I be without doubt that Desert of Kharak will be the next superlative RTS-Epos.

                @ all homeworld enthusiast let us have a great time together
                Desire spawns madness. Madness collapses into disaster. Mankind never learns. Campbell Francis Lane will be immortal in my memories


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                  Originally posted by SimmOkiwi View Post

                  god I hope not...... looks like homeworld on land to me
                  Or Ground Control... with ION CANNONS.

                  I can't wait, I am glad that the Homeworld series is no longer in limbo. 16 years of playing games that quite frankly never matched the beauty of Homeworld. So, no pressure Blackbird .


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                    Howdy folks!
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                      Hello..... well..... i'm new here so.... nice to meet you all.


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