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Devs have been quiet...

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  • Devs have been quiet...

    ...almost too quiet. I don't think they have posted anything or on anything in over a month.

    My preference for why, would be because they are busy helping Gearbox get that big, upcoming Remastered patch out, or that they are developing something for Deserts of Kharak.

    We still have price drop opportunities left for bringing new people into the community. I would rather not think the game is at the end of its support life and will hope for the best..

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    Im with you on that. A good run in the summer sale could bring in a batch of new players, and now that there is a good amount of content for multiplayer the player retention should improve.

    I really think that a single player DLC would be quite successful as well, or a campaign based expansion.


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      maybe some big news at E3


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        ... I am sure they are quietly working away for new surprises - Do you remember when DoK was announced out of he blue?
        Hope we will have some inside snippet somewhere - happening at E3 would be awesome


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          I've find strange talking about BBI like if they are absent, but let's go.
          In my opinion, working in a new project and keeping support to DoK are not mutually exclusive. I think there's space for (a campaign) expansion or more DLC packs with few people envolved, while the rest might be working on something new. Btw, there is a faction or an entire fleet left behind (Hraal or alike), so ...

          Making a sale on Steam won't bring more players, just check how GreyGoo performed.

          Some things I would like a heads up are 2 issues: 1 - those ugly shadows rendering, but this is something few ppl notice and 2 - the FPS in my PC here (and many others) are not stable. The game is OK with at least 30FPS, but if it could keep 60FPS, it would be better. At least, clear us out that there's nothing planned for these issues for the future, if that would be the case.
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            So, are there any news by the devs about the future of this game? Is there a roadmap?


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              Any news from the devs yet? I can't find a road map which would greatly increase my willingness to buy this game.


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                ... I haven't seen any news on E3 about DoK. Was hoping at least for some hint, I know the game has only been released in the last 6 months so we might have become a spoiled kids
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