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Letter about Homeworld next 3D game ideas.

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  • Letter about Homeworld next 3D game ideas.

    A letter for BBI crew, creators of Homeworld.

    I am new at forum, hello to all!
    Just want wish you good luck with Project Eagle, congratulations for cooperation with NASA JPL! I am Homeworld fan since I played sequel (HW 2) in 2007. As a teenager I knew, how hard was franchise situation. But still, like others, I was dreaming. An still I dream about next 3D Homeworld game in space. I know, RTS isn't popular art of games today. But I want strongly share my thoughts and visions about possibly next gen RTS game, that maybe can be made.
    I think, today making just one-linear lore RTS game with limited campaign missions is very old scheme and became boring. Yes, I wuld love it, but you need t make game not only for old school RTS fans, you need to get new gamers, fresh blood if you want have profits from producing game.
    In my head is sitting since last years an idea. The problem is - I am not games creator or programist. I am not experienced. I don't know , what is possible, what not. But telling about ideas never should be bad.
    I have vision, about combining our classic RTS Homeworld scheme with multiplayer and.... Real time strategy with F2P mode. I know, entire idea with all elements can be very huge project and problematic with all it's elements. But I played a lot web-browser RTS games (like AstroEmpires) and maybe, by connecting old things with new things we can create game, wchich should livve much longer and get more popularity.
    It's hard to describe correctly my entire game concept, especially when english isn't my native (sorry for grammar mistakes!). To be honest, inspiration came by popularity of F2P WWII theme games (for example War Thunder), game browser RTS and.... HW 2 old galaxy map-HUD concept. And into free-to-play multiplayer game can be added campaign with lore unlocked by buying it.

    Just try imagine, creating free-to-play multiplayer game, where you have some kind of base in M51 galaxy. Not necessary on the planet surface, maybe just ready orbital structures, like shipyards. You build army and research new ships. Create guilds with other players. And search space by moving ships from sector to sector, meeting other players who are actually active and starting combat with them exactly like in Homeworld multiplayer, but with ready fleets. I know, there is a problem, how much players and ships units can be at one time in one place, how to make strong game engine for it, but....those ideas are sitting so strongly in my head, that I think, I should share, maybe some parts of my ideas can be interesting field to discuss.

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