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[Discussion]How to coordinate the "Best" regions by location

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  • [Discussion]How to coordinate the "Best" regions by location

    Just, now that we know how region filtering works thanks to devs starting to post about it on the forums I figure that, in the meantime, it might be best to try and find a functional way to tackle the issues of matchmaking rather than just whine about it.

    We know the multiplayer filters game based on estimated distance from geographical (chosen) download region, ping times and Steam servers loads now already. We also know that being able to choose a "download region" because it has players is not necessarily the best for players in distant regions due to their own ping compared to these players. Which, if you think about it, risks the run of just leading to ton of confusion if (current, until MP population grows greater) player just pick whatever regions without care only to end up mismatched with pings too high for them leading to everyone just leaving in frustration.

    So here's what I suggest and it's to go an find what's the best setting for Steam in one region.
    Like if players are located in cities in the rough East coast region: What's the best city to pick for east coast players? Toronto? Montreal? New York?
    Being strong population center it feels like a natural spot for east coast players, already in a rough closeness to each others ping-wide to converge on. Or should pings be reason enough for players to also separate "region setting" centers into a north/south deal? Like "New York city" for northeastern america and "florida" for southeastern folks.

    Same for West coast players: Would all players agree to all converge on a "Los Angeles" region setting, or something more on the middle of the US west coast or just split into northern and southern halves.
    And if players are in East Asia(or anywhere else)? What regions should best serve their matchmaking needs for both pings and games availability?

    Especially since the devs have mentioned how pings are such a can of worms.
    If a global setting is implemented, actual ping settings will have to be listed for players' own matchmaking choices.
    And possibly the same even if a coding tweak only ever just allow the matchmaking to reach regions farther away without making it global.

    But if pings are implemented, do we -also- run the risk of killing off multiplayer too early if an "elitist" current forms and any pings remotely above even a manageable number begins to be weeded or kicked out of games by players who only want "anything under 100 and even then make it as low as possible" until they're the only things left within dead multiplayer lobby.
    Now, I'd like to see folks discussing that out(maybe see if we can agree on specific regions in an organized fashion) and see what you all think could be done in the meantime ontop of stuff like trying to hype this game for all it's worth until we can possibly hope to see a more lively and globally numerous multiplayer scene(and I sincerely believes it could be worth it).
    And who knows... maybe if the game is successful enough could we see the implementation of actual multiplayer servers once it generates the funds to buy and maintains something like that.

    People can scream "Fix this!" at the devs all they want, but being an age-old fan of this series myself, I believe we can put in our own grain of salt(to use a french saying) to try and improve things our current experience ourselves with some coordination.

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    I think it's best to select just a few centers per continent. After all, not everyone will be changing their setting ...

    For Europe:

    UK - London
    Germany - Berlin

    Feel free to list your own continents...