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  • Soban - adventures in rails

    Soban, the Coalition Sub-faction centered around rails.

    They are without a doubt the weakest faction in DoK atm, this is almost entirely due to the lack of damage output from their carrier, however there are other factors to consider.

    Soban Carrier -
    The Soban carrier lags behind its counter parts for damage at every power lv, however it is crippled further by lv5 weapon power offering no real bonuses, completely missing the 65% damage bonus all other factions gain from power 5 weapons.
    The carrier also lacks repairs and the Micro Wave Emitter(MWE) is a very niche tool, best used to deny mining.
    The Soban carriers saving grace is ALMs, they are fully functional logistics modules that also pack an EMP stun weapon when powered, this allows them to fence off their starting area as they increase their pop cap, slowing or stopping small back stabs and raids,
    however these can become a CU sink, crippling a players economy (1 second cool down makes it possible to drop 1k CU into ALMS in a matter of seconds).

    Soban Railgun "Vista" -
    For cost, the most useful and reliable Railgun in the game and the core of Soban as a faction,
    Compared to Coal railguns they have a better ROF and accuracy values, this is at the cost of lower damage per shot and a 10cu cost increase

    Base damage
    Coal 225
    Soban 165

    with Mag acc
    Coal 285
    Soban 225

    Concerning rof, Coal rails have a 3 second reload, Soban rails fire twice before reloading (first shot >1.5 second delay>Second shot>3 second reload)

    However Soban rails also possess Mark target, this is a high rof, 1 damage weapon which causes targets to suffer 26% additional damage as well as providing a 26% accuracy bonus to units firing on the target.
    This means any unit can benefit from this bonus, augmenting the combat abilities of the entire Soban fleet as well as their allies.
    Soban rails also gain +1 armour and 10hp.
    Soban rails BEST rails.

    Soban BattleCruiser "Spearhead" -
    In my personal opinion, This unit is a liability and a let down on every level, it will never be worth the research and build cost as it is.
    it deals 270 damage per shot, 1 shot per turret.
    it uses a Mag system (first shot>4 second delay>second shot>8 second reload)
    This means its weapon cycles every 12 seconds.
    between both its guns it will fire 20 times for a DPM of 5400 compared to the Soban rail with mag acc which sits soundly on 6000 DPM.
    The Soban railguns also outrange the Soban Battlecruiser.
    as for speed it is 50 speed BC vs 66 speed Railguns
    Soban BCs also suffer poor accuracy values

    The only reason to field Soban BCs is for their 6500hp while having better range than the Coal counter part.
    They will also fair slightly better against 100 armour carriers than a Soban Railgun.

    We'll have to see what comes from better use of Soban's mark target and if time will prove my opinion of the Spearhead wrong.