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    Are the ladder results ever going to be reset? Just curious... was wondering if an announced reset may spark some interest for the current players to start fresh and work on ladder stats. Maybe even cajole some of the more experienced players to come back and recapture their titles... hehe

    I am just looking for simple solutions to spark some activity that do not require a huge effort away from what ever the studio is working on now.
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    It is something we have considered. Obviously it is a bit of a contentious issue with many pros and cons. It is definitely not something we would rush into without a lot of forethought.


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      I hear that. Luckily ladder resets is something that many games, like Stracraft 2, have done so there should be plenty of examples out there to compare against the pro/con list!
      I really enjoy the random nature of a ladder match... which is why I am trying to think of ideas toward it.


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        If it were to be reset it'd be nice to have a Hall of fame for the top 5 of all time


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          I think a hall of fame is a fabulous idea.

          I think a reset might have a slight push on people to play more. If an announcement comes form BBI it carries a lot more weight in the community. Just the sheer fact they may say or do something related to DOK will stir players interest. I think resetting the stats would be an easy thing for them to do without much effort from their staff, which bang for the buck might be a something they would consider to stir interest.