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Is the Sandskimmer too weak?

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  • Is the Sandskimmer too weak?

    This is something I have been considering for awhile and I wanted some extra input on.

    The Sandskimmer has 11s build time, shorter range than the LAV, less view range and cannot shoot air.

    The only real benefit of the Sandskimmer at this point is higher HP and regen allowing the Sandskimmer to operate as a screening unit, otherwise the LAVs are superior.

    While I am not saying we make them the same, I feel the Sandskimmer is just lagging behind and needs a buff.

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    No, the LAV is just a tad to strong.

    Reducing LAV damage to 14 from 15 if my recommendation.

    This way you avoid changing the sand skimmers relation to everything else.