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  • Unit Construction

    Some users have suggested to start a topic about unit construction, so here it is.
    Look forward to see some useful info.

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    In many ways units are the most complicated aspect of the game. They require ...
    • models and textures for the unit itself and its weaponry
    • shaders to make them look shiny and nice
    • bones and rigs for animation and physics
    • effects (dust trails, muzzle flashes, tracers, explosions, ...)
    • carcass models for after destruction
    • icons and colours for HUD display
    That's just for appearance. For behaviour there are lots of attributes controlling things like ...
    • unit class, popcap cost, production time, etc.
    • movement (acceleration, top speed, turning radius, ...)
    • combat interactions (rate of fire and damage for each weapon, armour, ...)
    • sensor radius, visibility timing
    • cargo capacity and allowed contents
    • abilities
    • and lots more besides
    Any single unit in the game probably had 8-10 people work on various aspects of it at different times.

    If you poke around on the modding threads you'll learn more about what makes up a unit. Feel free to ask specific questions.


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      Great, Thanks for the break down on the units construction, I'll take a look at the modding threads as well and wrap around my mind with all the info available. Would love to see a growing community for DoK modding.
      Exiting time


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        where are the modding threads?


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          Originally posted by nli2work View Post
          where are the modding threads?
          It's located in 'Desert of Kharak Discussion'


          Perhaps would be good to move it in here (Technology) or make it sticky?