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  • Pandamonium
    started a topic Pandas Desing&Art Foundry

    Pandas Desing&Art Foundry

    Hello Guys,
    My name is Pandamonium and maybe some people remember me from my brief times back in the relic forums, where I polluted the Aether with...
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  • Tuulof_Nabaal
    started a topic Hiigaran - Language and Culture

    Hiigaran - Language and Culture

    Has anybody here read this gem of a piece by DerKommissar on the Relic Forums?

    The Hiigaran - Language and Culture thread was started back...
    Greetings Relic Forums Dwellers! Hi! Before continuing to read my post, please follow this link and brief yourselves on what I've already said. Note: It's the Eighth Post in this thread Alright, now you've figured out what I'm all about. This thread is called "Hiigaran" because it is to be dedicated to the Hiigaran language. I myself have been working on this project for some time and I will not need a lot of assistance. However, I will be posting information about the language as
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  • Darth Soban
    started a topic Complete Homeworld Fanfiction Collection

    Complete Homeworld Fanfiction Collection

    Here is a complete collection of all Homeworld fanfiction to date. This list will be gradually updated as either I find more or new ones are made. I have...
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