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Just a question about the preorder bonuses

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  • Just a question about the preorder bonuses

    I'd like to know whether there's any way for someone who owns HW:Remastered already to swap the bonuses so instead of getting 20% off just get HW:R as a gift copy instead somehow?

    This is mainly because I have friends who are interested in the Homeworld series but aren't interested enough to pay the price for the games, it would be perfect for me to send them a copy which could lead to them then buying DOK.

    I realise there's a big divide (especially on the steam forums) about this question but I feel like i'm more likely to get more reasonable reactions / answers here than if I posted there.

    Thanks for any help, i've been a homeworld fan for a long time and its been like 12 christmases at once that the series has been resurrected with the remaster and now even a new entry in the series!

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    When you buy it on steam if you say it's a gift, they'll charge you the full price and give you HW:R as well if I remember rightly.

    Not sure if you can separate them, or you have to gift the lot though.


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      HW: Remastered has been on sale for up to 60% off a couple of times. There will probably be a chance come next steam sale if you want to gift someone the HW package.