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  • Singleplayer (Campaign) Wishlist

    Hey everyone! Just creating this thread to capture wishlist items (new features, balance issues, oddball requests) for campaign (ie. Singleplayer) specific stuff. Really hope you guys are enjoying it so far and looking forward to your feedback!

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    More crashed Star Des.... wait wrong series.

    A few more units perhaps, and a new faction would be fun too, perhaps with a carrier more based of the Queen Elizabeth class with the Twin Islands, certainly would be fun for a Single Player campaign ^^
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      Hi, I've been really looking forward to the game. But, I can't tell you how broken heartedI was that there isn't an in game pause feature in the single player. That was my favorite feature of homeworld 2 over 1. being able to stop the action and admire the scenes was just icing on the cake. The real value was in being able to strategically plan and execute tight tactics. Without pause, the action feels like a huge, chaotic mess. When an audible notification comes in that I'm being attacked on the other side of the map, I'm usually too late in panning over my field of view and I end up loosing a unit or two. I love to set up positions on high grounds but the game feels so chaotic that it's difficult to establish dominance over the situation.

      Please, please, please, implement a pause feature. I know I can't be the only one who's begging for this.


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        These are not singleplayer or campaign specific, but help all modes for the game.

        Number 1: Rebindable Keys

        Number 2: Homeworld alt style focus camera system. Hold alt to focus and be able to freely rotate the camera without losing focus.

        EDIT: Number 3: When moving a selection of units together have them take on the speed of the slowest selected unit in the group and stick together.
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          Originally posted by FritzWillie View Post
          ... an in game pause feature in the single player. ...
          + 1 in game pause, thx


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            I would like the Carrier to always be visible like in the bottom left, or atleast let us toggle an always visible carrier so it's easier to send out air assaults and so on. Right now you have to click F1, then W or Q and it's just an unnecessary amount of clicking I feel. Or did I somehow miss a setting such as this already?

            Also, the control scheme is quite annoying, I can't set facing without having to click the attack or move button first. Again, it's unnecessary and inconvenient and also goes agains popular RTS mechanics. This may want to mimic the space games, but this is a ground game and these things are more important here.


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              +1 for more factions, maybe a capital based one that is focused around fixed buildings to secure areas while an unstoppable force is assembled and another the opposite, with all units being highly mobile (tiny carrier?)


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                Docking! It's such a shame that it doesn't happen, and the support ship looks like it has a space for docking too. Having units driving under the ship to be picked up by a ramp that way could work, instead of going around to the back.

                Alright, alright, I know that one is a bit far fetched, but I loved seeing ships dock in Homeworld 1 and 2.

                Collision Detection would be nice. It's a bit disconcerting to see your LAVs drive though each other, and Baserunners running over turrets.

                More unit chatter. It's amazingly immersive, hearing status updates, little tibits of info going about driving around, casual conversation, like World in Conflict, or Company of Heroes.

                Being able to specifically position units in a group. Right click and hold to position your units so they all line up on the crest of the hill, instead of 3 above the line, but 4 below.

                I'd also like to say that you devs are amazing by releasing the game and then immediately opening yourself up so you can start to improve the game.

                Edit: Different Sand types. Deep, fine sand that would slow vehicles down. Unstable sand ridges. Stuff like that.

                Originally posted by Dashwood View Post
                +1 for more factions, maybe a capital based one that is focused around fixed buildings to secure areas while an unstoppable force is assembled and another the opposite, with all units being highly mobile (tiny carrier?)
                Maybe a bandit faction, for the mobile units.

                Maps, maybe have one where the middle is a supermassive ship that units can drive into, set charges to block off one area, or open new one. (okay, that might be a bit more multiplayer type gameplay.)
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                  I would really like to see an even harder mode for campaign. Homeworld is the kind of game I play through the SP for every other year and so far it seems I will end up doing the same for DOK. Having an extra challenge available when classic-difficulty becomes like riding a bike would increase the lifespan considerably for one of DOKs main features


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                    Gaalsien Campaign or at least one showing the state of things in the southern polar region.


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                      Hi there,
                      Really enjoying the game, thanks and well done.

                      Before I say something: do you want ideas for new missions or do you want ideas to improve the current missions?


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                        Hello, loving the game so far. Here is what I'd like to see:
                        1.) When assigning squads, it would be cool to see the squad numbers on the units when I select them. This way I can know where my units are in the heat of battle.
                        2.) During mission 2, is it possible to move the sandstorm clock to the way top of the screen? This way I can select units without the timer getting in the way.
                        3.) Is there a way to bring back the "move" button. So I would hit "m" and it would open up the movement screen for units?
                        4.) A pause button for single player campaign.
                        5.) Rebindable keys
                        6.) And can you get rid of the message box that pops up every time I change a graphics setting? It gets a little annoying when I'm trying to tweak my graphics settings in the game when the message box keeps on showing up.


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                          I really miss the alt-focus especially! I just keep trying to use old homeworld hotkeys over and over! Another hotkey that I miss dearly is the military selection (its "a - boxclick" right). New units plus a new race is always welcome in an expansion. When it comes to story (im making assumptions here since I have only played through half the Campaign) is a storyline that explains what happened to the gaalsien after khar-toba was found. The way they are (religous zealots), i dont Think theyll just fall in line just because someone found a piece of rock that says "hiigara"! I know what offical lore says (when the guidestone was found kharak was United), but the time period between the finding of the khar toba and the finding of the guidestone is a couple of years if im not mistaken? Maybe something happend to the gaalsien in that period of time: new leader that changes their view on the religion (gaalsien Campaign) or a new faction (kiith paktu) wiping the gaalsien of the surface of the planet in vengance for a gaalsien attack on one of their settlements! Another feature im missing alot is resource dropoff, I understand this is mainly made for multiplayer aimed towards faster gameplay, as it takes time for all your resourceing units to roll up to the carrier and dock Before unloading the Resources. However in the single player Campaign this isnt a problem at all and it adds to the feel of realism and aestethics.

                          Also I want to take the opportunity to thank you for the Amazing game, it was Everything i could have wished for! Keep up the good work!


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                            the move button is 'V' by default/permanently. No idea why. Also, there is, in fact, a pause button for campaign. It's in the sensors manager.

                            I'd really like it if the menu didn't ignore my computer/the game's perspective settings. idk what Resolution the menu is in,. but it extends off the edge of my screen, even in windowed mode, which makes multiplayer super annoying because it's hard to see details when picking games.

                            For singleplayer, I'd like to see some sort of option to harvest remaining RU's on the map when you finish a given mission- like HW1 had. Missions end immediately upon completion of the final objective, yet it's clear from the unit counts and AI behaviour that the game is built on the expectation of you having harvested everything. Since there's no warning that the mission will immediately end, or what the final objective is, it's difficult to keep up with the required number of units to be at all effective, at least without constantly resetting your fleet.

                            Speaking of that- would it be possible for the 'fleet reset' option to NOT affect the carrier? Specifically, the artifacts you retrieve. Yes, I know there's a random grab-bag and it picks randomly from the lot of them, but it was particularly saddening that all the artifacts I went out of my way to salvage were gone when I had to reset the fleet because I ran out of CU's.

                            Something really big I'd like to see though is that unit wreckage leaves CU's. When you retire a unit, you get 75% of its resources back, so when a unit dies, you should be able to get at least 25% back. That'd really help single player- and multiplayer- experience, because the endless wave of enemies could be repurposed, and the game would reward you for massacring all those enemy units.

                            I think the biggest issue I had though was pathing. The big Panini has all sorts of issues maneuvering when other vehicles are in the way. It will shaggle back and forward while the other units rotate around it, and nobody goes anywhere. There was one instance where it got caught on some rocky terrain and flipped itself too. Kudos to the physics system for modeling the carrier going flying end over end across the map, but it was really rather immersion breaking.


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                              Hello, an original Prospector here. This is what I would love to be added to the campaign and game at large.

                              1. Third faction, and from reading the expedition guide, it looks like the best bet is Kiith Khaaneph. If you guys read the expedition guide, the Khaaneph are described as being something of a group of super atheists, they are considered unsavable savages by the Gaalsien. They are composed of various Gritiidim "sand people" victimized by the Siidim during the heresy wars. If the Gaalsien use hover and the Coalition use treads/tires, then for flavor's sake let the Khaaneph use Walkers, GIANT WALKERS!!!!!!! God willing, let there be a campaign that covers them too (Campaign can be DLC, but there use in multiplayer should be patched for free so MP base isn't broken up)

                              2. New units for each faction, specifically new combat strikecraft. I would like their designs to add to Faction Diversity.

                              3. Rebalanced AI for skrimish. Current AI seems to be to focused on fake difficulty

                              4. New maps that incorporate the lakes and polar regions on Kharak.

                              5. Multiplayer incorporation of the campaign unique superweapon and Gaalsien campaign unique unit

                              The next two requests are for Homeworld Remastered.

                              6. Expansion packs for Homeworld Remastered that add new campaigns for fleshing out the armies (For skirmish use) of the non-playable campaign factions. IE the Turanic Raiders, Kadeshi, Bentusi and Progenitors. I see these expansion packs as great practice for you guys to explore game mechanics for later use in any possible Homeworld 3.

                              7. Expedition type guide for Homeworld Remastered that salvages the pack in materials from the original releases.