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After DoK: A future Shipbreakers DLC or outright stand-alone expansion?

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  • After DoK: A future Shipbreakers DLC or outright stand-alone expansion?

    This is just something I mused about a lot these last two days, but now that Desert of Kharak's campaign is over I suddenly realized two things:

    A: We have reached the Khar Toba wreck and the secrets held within, but those will not be revealed and understood until years later.
    Meanwhile, while doing so, we not only uncovered the Khar Toba's wreck but instead ÀLSO discovered that the Great Desert is actually one gigantic spaceship graveyard simply completely littered with an absurd amount of ancient wrecks of extremely advanced crashed spacecrafts.

    B: By reaching the Khar Toba, we not only uncovered the First City but also dealt with the Gaalsien threat who, split on two fronts, was utterly defeated at both the Northern Walls and fighting the Kapisi at the Khar Toba threats. By then, all that is left of Kiith Gaalsien are likely just stranded units and officers too weakened to make any global claims to the Great Desert anymore.
    In other words, not only is our main enemy gone, we've also opened the very doors to this massive spaceship graveyard I mentioned above, now that the Gaalsien muster the forces to stop just anybody from heading into the Desert anymore to search for all those artefacts.

    In other words, with such a trove of once never known technology now almost accessible to all, it is now the perfect time to be an independent contractor or corporation rushing to recover all those treasures held within the Great Desert alongside the major Coalition outfits.
    After all, such a massive project as the future construction of the Mothership is likely not going to fuel itself ONLY with the technology(no matter how major) found within the Khar Toba.
    There'll be need to build an actual -ship- to wrap around this Hyperspace Core and though its content was certainly critical, the Khar Toba itself was still nothing more than a glorified prison ship.

    In further more words:

    Hardware/Homeworld:Shipbreakers might have given way to Homeworldeserts of Kharak.... but the world crafted for Homeworldesert of Kharak and it's ending might very well give way again to an Homeworld:Shipbreaker DLC or stand-alone expansion.
    It'd be a perfect way to go back to those early promises of almost procedural gameplay of roaming the deserts searching for ancient space wrecks to scavenge as a semi-independent private outfit rather than the big "national" outfits like the Coalition

    It certainly perfectly set the ground for it.

    Additional personal thought:
    Heck, Kiith Somtaaw even being namedropped as the manufacturer of those salvagers we're breaking down all those wrecks with in DoK.... it might even be a perfect occasion to bring back everyone's favorite "future scrappy deep space miners" into this franchise by having them roams the desert dunes of it's past rather than the vast empty space of it's future. It could be a short and nifty setting setting them against the reavers-like Khaaneph savages(and their hordes of scavenged vehicles) in a way that would echoes the Somtaaw's future struggles with the Beast(another savage foe knows for it's habit to refit the weapons of it's enemies... even if in a radically different way than the Khaaneph's reavers-like scavenging and jury-rigging).