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Fan Theory: The Siidim are Taiidan

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  • Fan Theory: The Siidim are Taiidan

    Okay, okay hear me out. Canonically, it makes sense when you put thought into it. They see themselves as the only Kiith of a ‘higher breed’ so to speak, claiming to be the only ones that really came from elsewhere in the universe. They have a deep disgust for the other Kushan factions.

    And what about their origins? Their sigil is the only one of the major clans not on the Khar Toba or the rock carvings we’ve seen. Hell, even the Soban, supposedly the most recent one, had theirs on the wreckage. That may be a minor oversight, but maybe they just co-opted it from history. The Siidim are also one of the two clans who remember the most about Kharak history, meaning they likely were around from the beginning much like the Gaalsien. But then why are they not then using a sigil that’s been around from the beginning? I think that was intended, but I didn’t write the lore so I wouldn’t know.

    Then think about how this would have come about. I find it unlikely that the prison transports weren’t at least checked up on from time to time by the Taiidan during their voyage if not having the prison transports under direct Taiidan control, even. That one’s maybe a bit out there, but not implausible. And after landfall, I can see the Empire wanting to MAKE SURE they stay put. Orbital debris of all sorts can be found around Kharak. Sure, maybe most of that debris is from the Core messing with shipping lanes, but Kharak is waaay out in the boonies galactically speaking. Not much passing through there in the first place. Maybe some of these ships were Taiidan imperial vessels that acted as escorts and once seeing the harsh condition of their new home decided to attack using belligerent and dangerous methods, including smashing prison ships into them as sacrifice, forcing down some of the guards along with them, or maybe once the Hiigarans reached the world, planned to turn on the Core immediately to strand their captors and prevent news from leaving of their arrival and subsequent attack.

    We also know that Kharak has hundreds if not thousands of unexplored wrecks littering the surface. Some of them could be downed taiidan ships just as any of the other previously unseen factions we were introduced to. But of course, these stranded Taiidan wouldn’t want to let the locals KNOW who they are for obvious reasons, and kept their heritage secret.

    And this is all without even needing to bring up the Torin carrier, as I believe canonically that one has only been there for centuries as opposed to millennia. However, what CAN explain it is the Siidim sending a standard light-speed signal off towards the galactic core to hopefully tell anyone listening what’s going on. Give it a few thousand years, said signals might have finally reached an outer-rim outpost and been picked up, resulting in the Torin carrier being sent to investigate / deploy an orbital weapon platform to hopefully be used to stop Kushan progress in a fast way should they see a need to down the road.

    But why would the Empire then abandon their people down there, you wonder? Well, I wouldn’t put it past a decadent empire to do. After all, any mention of the Hiigarans would likely be forbidden. Any effort seen going to the system would be legitimizing a former foe they’d rather see extinct. And the people caught in the middle aren’t worth it. So the Empire “forgot” about these stranded Taiidan over time, and eventually actually might have. Or covered it up, while contracting the Turanics to play watchdogs instead, not wanting to sully their hands.

    Then there’s the Sakala’s encounter with Rachel at the crater to look at. Was it really all about a religious zealotry, or was it them not wanting any surviving witnesses to the truth at the site? Maybe a panic about the secret getting out? After all—if Kushan kind found out that the Siidim are in fact descendants of those responsible for putting them on literal Hell all this time... I could see the Heresy Wars making a comeback in a real way.

    And to conclude these mad ramblings, I’d also like to mention that this all plays part in a secret project I’ve been working on outlining: an as of yet untitled Deserts of Kharak fanfiction set over the span of thousands of years of Kharak history, all taking place before and leading up to the first game that started it all. Of course, don’t expect anything to come any time soon as my schedule is a bit full at the moment, but I might be able to free myself up some time in the Fall to at least start.

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    Please consider that many things written were not confirmed, don't take it as accurate, just talk what you know (anyone) and we disclaim point by point in smaller posts.

    I really like this type of thread where speculations and manipulation of the game universe story is open for debate.
    Even if there are plotholes, it's worth the reading, the exercise and the discussion.

    First thing I'd say is that, if Taiidan and Hiigarans are different species, it will be difficult for the Siidim to be Taiidan. In the begining of the H&TB, it's stated that a base of the contemporary debate about their origins is based upon the evidence that their DNA is different of every other lifeform in Kharak.
    If they have this capability, then the Siidim would have been discovered sooner or later. So it would be more plausible that the Siidim is a kiith trained by the Taiidan when the war was over to be the guards of the exile expedition, before they were left alone in the end of the journey by the Taiidan.
    Something like "okay, we'll be exiled anyways, but at least we will hold some privileges", which, over time could had become the sense of belonging presented by the kiith and turned into part of the cult and radicalism.

    Another point is that the Gaalsien are the ones presented with some sort of connection with the Taiidan. It doesn't mean that it's a exclusive thing, but actually, from the Taiidan political point of view, it would be interesting to have this kind of plot, where both kiiths are not aware of one another holding a betrayor or spying position.
    It would make sense to keep permanent conflicts in Kharak.

    Distributing events over time in Homeworld is a marathon. Imagine the HGN and TDN had a war, then the HGN are exiled in something like "standard drives" that I find implausible. Then, the remnants live in an underground mithological city for a long time, then they lose their memory and rebirth as a new race that evolves over time and discover that there is something wrong somehow.

    What I think more plausible is that the core they had smuggled has malfunctions and from time to time in a chaotic way, they jump a little further, which makes them being hunted by a TDN task force up to the border of the galaxy.
    What ruins all these beautifull plot is actually Homeworld 2, because it makes the CORE a special technology for everyone in the galaxy, while in HW1 the core is special only for the Kushan, due to their level of tech development in Kharak.
    Therefore a convention is needed to rewrite Homeworld 2 ahahahahah ...

    Talking serious again just imagine that you have to fill 4000 years with stories and ironically, amnesia, what allow races and kiiths to evolve in their character development in the lore. One thing that you might consider, because I do that and I find it interesting is that the TDN as an Empire, could have become a mess or emperor-less for some hundred years, once or twice, during these big period of time.
    That would help explain why an important thing like the core is overlooked. We still need a good plot why so many ships are in Kharak. I consider Kharak a Bermuuda triangle, but the fact that the core is a rare special artifact makes it difficult to speculate.

    If the CORE is more like an expensive device, but a group of ships can have a small one, that would explain why so many ships are in Kharak - they are in a "core race" to retrieve that core and because it's malfunction eversince it keeps hijacking ships whenever they enter its field of influence.

    It would have been so much better if there are many types of core or many types of core fuel, that would help a lot of things in HOMEWORLD.


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      I’d have to agree on that last point with you. As I mentioned on Facebook I imagine taiidan and hiigarans as both being offsets of humans. I. E. The progenitors seeded both worlds with life a long time ago. So they’re technically subspecies related to each other but close enough to still successfully interbreed without too much dificuly. Just look at ourselves and the Neanderthals. We were different species technically but still close enough for us to have interbred as evident by our current DNA being a percentage Neanderthal in origin.

      I like the idea of the empire playing multiple factions off one another but I just don’t see them actively interfering too often in that kind of a direct way. Maybe they could have been the hiigarans tasked with prison guard duties, though. That kinda makes sense cause who wants that job? Lol. Or the empire forced criminals to be the jailers and exiled all their own criminals along with em similar to how most of the new world was colonized. Looking at you, Australia...

      homeworld is fun to play around in like this. Cause while there’s inconsistencies it lets us add uh. Interesting fixes to these inconsistencies. Heh.