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    I love this game. Homeworld is the first game I ever purchased with my own money, saved up birthday cash at nine years of age. The level of storytelling in the original game was simply unprecedented in an RTS game, capturing the scale of desperation the survivors of Kharak were experiencing. Combined with the incredible manual/companion book that came with the game, I was hooked.

    I finally got back into PC gaming recently and found out about this prequel game, and I cannot thank you enough for making this. Deserts of Kharak seriously warms my heart 20 years later, and lets me live a new (or old) chapter in the story I fell in love with as a child. My first tattoo was even the logo of the game.

    If the devs read the forums, I don't know, please know that I thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much.

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    Thanks for your message!

    We are so glad you enjoyed the game!

    I have shared your message with the entire studio.