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Please Devs would you please clear out some of the things that broken!?

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  • Please Devs would you please clear out some of the things that broken!?

    There are still some things that don't work or are displayed incorrectly. Some of them I have repeatedly reported but nothing happens. This is really bad considering how long DoK has been out and that you seemingly assume that everything works fine. It does not!
    When Gaalsien railguns fire on a Coalition Carrier their armor reduction feature does not work or is not displayed. Gaasien unit's elevation bonus often is displayed nowhere in there stats when they are on high ground.
    Damage information in general is inconsistent! It says damage per round but that doesn't work for many units. Damage from the Coalition battle cruiser is displayed fine (300 per "round") For the soban it does not work. Two beams deal the damage of one round! The Gaalsien Bomber lists 1000 "per round" but that's wrong! One bong does 500! So would you please exactly explain how the damage information is to be interpretated or change the values! I want an answer for this!

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    Hey Jungle,
    couple of things.
    Soban BCs fire half as many shots vs the Coalition BC, though the Soban BC shots appear as doubles, that is a single shot, the Soban BC fires half as many shots as the Coal BC but hits a bit harder per shot and has +500 range.
    on the Gaalsien bomber all bombers deal half damage to carriers, which is what you probably tested.
    As far as elevation the only indicator is the blue + sign as being on high ground doesn't grant a buff the units run a check against their target for elevation, if they have a set about increase in elevation they get 50% damage and accuracy.

    By the way Jungle if you aren't already you should join the discord most of the active players are on there, so you can ask for games or info there.
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      Hello Jungleelf,

      Thanks for the message. As Tren has alluded to there is some information that isn't expressly communicated through tool tips but requires a more in-depth knowledge of the damage system or in some cases the change-log history.

      Asking your question on the discord server is the best way to get answers from the experts in the community.