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DLC related crash/bug issue

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  • DLC related crash/bug issue

    Since the latest patch dropped there have been issues with compatibility concerning DLC.

    Essentially players without DLC are crashing to desktop or being locked into the game lobby when another player selects a DLC faction they do not own.

    Further to this they are not able to see selected DLC factions, Instead which ever default faction was last selected will be dispayed.

    This seems to be reminiscent of a similar bug I encountered when first updating to the current patch,the DLC factions were grayed out and not selectable, after suffering a crash I was able to verify the local game files through steam and correct this issue, resolving the issue.

    All of the players I have confirmed this with are running a fresh install having joined the game following the recent steam sales and do not own one or either of the DLC factions.
    This bug only impacts the player(s) who are missing the DLC faction.

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    Is this a reason why I keep crashing when starting a gamemode?

    I bought during sale and haven't played a single game yet. I crash while loading campaign/skirmish.
    Haven't tried other modes because the results would probably be identical.

    Unplayable game during a sale doesn't leave a good image tbh...


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      Though this may not be related,

      I have also noticed while in the auto match queue; I am freely able to switch between the default factions however the DLC factions become grayed out.