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Crashing on macPro Sierra

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  • Crashing on macPro Sierra

    Hi - great game, but the crashes are getting a little disruptive... :-)

    Usually happens after about an hour of play. No system crash, the game just stops.

    I'm on on macpro 3,1 Sierra (latest) GTX 680 2GB

    Switching from low to high video didn't seem to make a diff, but was able to capture this in my last log...(missing sound file)

    Steam file integrity checks out, 12GB of ram and plenty of SSD left (30GB)

    How can I help you fix this?

    Thanks much in advance. Regards

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    Here is another recent crash log.
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      Can you describe the behaviour of the crash you are experiencing?

      Can you also provide us with the log file found on this path: ~/Users/"Username"/Library/Logs/Unity




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        The two logs in this thread are Unity logs.

        As I said before, the game just stops. No crash report. Nothing. The steam panel is still up though.


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          Okay, thanks!


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            The same is happening here, the game just stops and the rainbow wheel starts to spin. The apps panel says that Deserts of Kharak is not answering. But the steam works normally, though.
            Is there any solutions yet?


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              No solution as we have been unable to replicate the problem, or identify its cause.

              Can you post your log file?




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                I am experiencing this as well, immediately after upgrading from Yosemite to High Sierra. Identical symptoms, and much sadness, as I love playing this game and now I can't be sure every game I play won't freeze, which is especially irritating to others in multi. Please advise?


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                  We have some mac-user regulars in the multiplayer community. Through trial and error we believe the game has a memory leak, but that mac users can play multiplayer with no problems provided that they restart the program between each game. It appears that conveniently the problem occurs after the max length of a game (30 minutes). And it happens with every single mac user I know of.

                  The issue can also arise if you sit in lobby to long (more than around 10 minutes). But dont let that scare you away! Just mention that you are on mac and have to restart, we all know whats up. One of the most frequent players plays on mac!


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                    That's good to know, pbobbert, though until I upgraded from Yosemite to High Sierra, I didn't have this issue. Thanks a bunch for responding.

                    It -would- occasionally not startup and just "not respond" before starting (and that seems to be remedied now that i upgraded, which thrilled me til the crashes started), but you'd just try again and once in you were good (with the occasional random crash). Now that I've upgraded, it crashes mid game quite regularly, though I haven't timed it or taken note of whether I can get 30 minutes in, or just out of one game or what. This is in single player or multi, but again, I haven't tested timing.

                    So I'll try being attentive to seeing if I can manage it but it's frustrating.


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                      It appears to be a relatively simple problem, but I guess the vendor doesn't have their act together to fix it for some reason.

                      Just bought the software, paid $50 + TAX and same problem of game crashing constantly.

                      I have attached the logfile. This was the first game I've installed on this Mac.

                      iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015)
                      Processor: 4Ghz Intel Core i7
                      Memory: 32GB
                      Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 M395X 4096 MB
                      MacOS High Sierra, Version 10.13.6

                      Latest revision of STEAM, and latest Version of the game from what I can tell.

                      I've been able to DUPLICATE the problem 100% on another iMAC with IDENTICAL configuration and fresh install, so it should be EASY for BlackBird to fix.

                      Please either FIX or stop selling on MAC platform. One or the OTHER. Eventually, you'll gain enough negative reputation where you'll wonder why your new software isn't selling as well as it should, & it will be because customers avoid and stop wasting their time to buy it for lack of trust and reputation...

                      Fingers crossed that someone at Blackbird responds... & Fixes...

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                        Hello Tach7777,

                        Thanks for posting the player log. Unfortunately there is no evidence as to what might be causing the crash present in the log.

                        We understand that this issue is frustrating and we will continue to search for a solution. However as we have struggled to replicate the issue internally, and there is no crash dump associated with the crash it makes it very hard to diagnose the problem let alone find a fix.

                        You may be right that it is a simple problem, but without a starting point it is impossible to find a solution simple or otherwise.

                        I will let you know if we make any progress on tracking down the problem.




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                          The DesertsOfKharak process stopped responding, no crash.

                          My system is a MacPro 2013 (Xeon E5 - 8 core) with 64GB RAM, GPU D700s and plenty of disk space available. OS-wise I run currently latest 10.14.2 (macOS Mojave)

                          So, with the Activity Monitor I have taken a sample of the dead-locked process.
                          I hope it helps to find what causes the dead-lock of the process.

                          Please see attached file.

                          Thank you.
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                            Thanks for sharing the file, I have passed it on to our code team.