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Persistent FPS issues

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  • Persistent FPS issues

    Hi all, I know this has been gone over several times at this point, but I thought I'd make a last-ditch call for help. I have a solid setup (GTX 980, i5-4690k CPU, 16G RAM), but I still get drastic frame rate drops in DoK whenever there are more than a few things on the screen at once. We're talking down into the 30-40 FPS range as soon as I hit mission 2. I love the game to death, but this really makes it unplayable. I wonder if anybody has had any luck at all in fixing this, or if the dev team could offer any input. Thanks!

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    Hello Mgrafe88,

    Unfortunately we were never able to pin point the cause of this issue as we were never able to reproduce it internally. It must be caused by a certain combination of hardware or drivers, but we have failed to find any correlation in the logs that have been sent to us.

    Sorry that we have been unable to be of more help.