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Any hints on when we might see the Khaaneph in the game?

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  • Any hints on when we might see the Khaaneph in the game?

    Trying my luck here, just curious if BBI would be willing to give us any official hints on when me might see the next fleet (Khaaneph) added to the game.

    As for everyone else, feel free to use this topic to discuss when you might think the Khaaneph will drop, and in what form.

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    The way I see it, there are 3 options.

    1. A full expansion
    2. DLC mini campaign
    3. DLC fleet pack

    I think options 1 or 2 would be the best, since they need to introduce the Khaaneph into the story somehow, and some missions would be the best way to do that. I suppose if they decided to go with option 3, they could always release a video or story to accompany the fleet pack.

    The question remains, will they be structured as a Gaalsien sub faction, or a totally unique new faction. From the hints in the Soban trailer, they look to be the former. Im very interested to see what they will be like.
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      I think rag is right but as of now im concernd that the devs havent fixed the game. In its current state it contains an 8 Hour campaign and an almost unplayabley broken multi player. Im not sure it would be cost effective or if there would be any point even revealing a dlc in the game current state.


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        Yeah, I definitely would want to see an expanded campaign. Specifically, something that incorporates the Khaaneph and Soban fleets into the story. I'm just afraid that the fleet packs and base game haven't sold well enough to justify more content after the Khaaneph drop.


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          Originally posted by Kyle756 View Post
          any official hints on when me might see the next fleet (Khaaneph) added to the game.
          See link below, looks like they've pinned it for this Tuesday 26th April \0/


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              Cool find, thanks.

              Looks like they'll only have 3 different units from the Gaalsien, including their carrier with a focus on direct fire missiles.

              A tad disappointing, but I'll still hold out hope that this lore building is leading to a more fully-featured expansion pack. An expansion with a third completely designed faction, and a new campaign. After all, there are still lore questions that need to be answered. Questions such as the fact that the Taiidan Ion Cannon needs to be destroyed before it can be reverse engineered, as this technology had to be traded from the Bentusi in Homeworld if I remember correctly.
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