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Speculations on What BBI are up to?

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  • Speculations on What BBI are up to?

    Going to try to revive the forums a bit with BBI's social media starting to take off again! If you follow BBI on Facebook, you will notice since late last year there have been some interesting posts about "things" they are up to.

    This became "news" worthy when they posted a happy new year message and 3 attached artwork pictures, pictures of aircraft remarkably similar to coalition bombers but painted black (BlackBird) while some sites claim this is for a new game, this is speculation.

    So my question is, what do you think they are working on? Homeworld IP? Or something new and what kind. I'm almost certain it's a strategy game as that is where they're strength lies. I'm not 100% that it will be a Homeworld game but I really hope so!

    After recently picking up DoK again, I'm actually hoping its a standalone expansion or a new game entirely based between DoK and HM 1. There is so much lore to explore at this time. And I think DoK is a stellar game that just needed a few more replayability additions ( using the different factions in the campaign would have been fun!).

    I'm impatient and excited to see what they do next, I hope we don't have to wait too much longer.

    So what do you Hope it is? And what do you think it is? These can be the same thing or different depending on your outlook!
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    What I HOPE it is is DoK2, or another ground based RTS in the Homeworld universe. DoK is my favorite game in the series, and probably my favorite RTS ever.

    What I THINK it is is an RTS that isnt part of Homeworld. No reason or basis for this, just a gut feeling. Either way, after DoK, Im massively stoked to see what BBI is gonna deliver.


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      We are in agreemant there! The only thing im clinging to that it might be a homeworld game is how quiet they are being. Considering how late DoKs announcement was.

      love your videos btw, totally helped me play soban better. Got a replay of an old 3v3 where you and another of my steam friends stomped me


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        I have a feeling BBI is working on a new game not part of the Homeworld series and I also have a feeling it isn't an RTS either.


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          Originally posted by theoblivinator View Post
          I have a feeling BBI is working on a new game not part of the Homeworld series and I also have a feeling it isn't an RTS either.
          Would love to hear your reasons why you think so?

          On another finding today, I was using the expedition guide and musing through the studio photos on there, theres a picture of devs standing over a whiteboard discussing the homeworld lore timeline, I noticed a little gap between "The Expedition" and "mothership launches" the date of 1135 KDS In this gap is an arrow which says "possible sequel Dustwars?"

          I realise they probably brainstormed a tonne of ideas for a game after DoK, gives me a shred of hope though


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            I thought Dust Wars was the prototype story for Homeworld 2? it got scraped when Homeworld 2 was released?


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              It was, but In the context of the picture in question, looks like they brainstormed having it as a follow up to DoK


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                Originally posted by kellboy View Post

                Would love to hear your reasons why you think so?
                It is what my gut says and I follow my gut feelings.


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                  If BBI had the time / funds to do so, a new homeworld game either based on the Hiigaran empire era or post Homeworld 2 would be the best course of action, going back to the homeworld formula that made the game such a success. The time period based on when Hiigaran and Taiidani were fighting for control of sectors in the galaxy with Bentusi policing the galaxy, various other small empires trying to carve out territory for themselves or even post homeworld 2 when Hiigara became the dominate force in the galaxy, Bentusi are no long a factor, Taiidan and Vagry are no longer a threat and the Hiigarans are exploring the entire galaxy or perhaps another galaxy with another threat? so many possibilities!
                  BBI has such a great job to explore, expand and add to this great universe created so long ago, sort of reminds of stargate, so many races and factions out there, various technologies, cultures and religious beliefs, whatever they decide for homeworld I am sure it will be a great addition, I do hope the go back to the 3D enviroments / battles in space. It is the only franchise of its kind to do so.


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                    I personally would love for the new game to be an Ace Combat style action-sim. As much as I want anything Homeworld related I don't want BBI to be beholden to a single franchise.


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                      Now we know about PROJECT EAGLE