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Fanfiction: The Eyeball Moon

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  • Fanfiction: The Eyeball Moon

    When DoK was just leaving the "Hardware phase" and being able to become a HW story, I was wondering if we would have a "Snow theater" in-game. Obviously, Kharak doesn't help much in that sense, although H&TB mentions an ice cap in the northern territories. I have to say that the stories in Kharak are not over, there seems to be room for more, but I kept on going.

    Recently, with the announcement of the Trappist system, I got back to read more about how (exo)planets and moons would present new overall features. In one text, I learned about tidally locked planets and to my luck, designing and portraying planets is a current trend among artists. If I'm not wrong Sparth (or Manchu) is envolved in a project called EXOPLANETS. I was imagining a planet for the next HW adventure within "DoK capabilities" and I got the time to revisit Norsehound´s contributions to the HW Universe. He designed once the Kharak System - right after Kharak, there is a gas giant called Harrsuk and there are moons there ( ). (He has 2 versions of the system, this is one of them).

    Basically, what if there is something needed for the Mothership project in one of those moons?

    So, I've found this representation made by eburacum45 (check link). If you notice the concept of an eyeball celestial body in the link, this moon would be covered by an ice cap and only one portion of it would have a decaped ocean always facing the star, hence the "eyeball" term. My fisrt doubt would be if it is possible to have a moon with that feature around a gas giant? A small portion of sea would be interesting to create "s h ore" missions or even deploying small vessels.

    Anyway, if you want to discuss more about features in planets and moons, leave your 2 cents below. I think the exercise is worthy.
    A superterrestrial ice planet, tidally locked with a small region of open water at the substellar point Eyeball Superterrestrial
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    Cool, thanks for sharing!




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      I think that if a moon were close enough for a gas giant's emitted and reflected radiation to melt an eye in the moon's ice sheath, it would probably be close enough to be stretched and squeezed by tidal forces, much like Jupiter and Io. I assume that would prevent getting a nice round eye like in the picture above, but could leave continent sized ice flows and lots of long, narrow seas. (Think Europa, or Enceladus, with liquid water instead of just cracks)