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    Originally posted by DesignerHat View Post
    About matchmaking. Last night I sat in a ranked automatch queue for 1v1 for maybe 25 minutes without anything happening.

    It makes it rough when you sit there thinking you could settle for a 2v2 easily and have no idea if you'll ever get that 1v1.

    Again, it separates the player base unnecessarily.
    i know that feel man


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      Originally posted by Logicon211 View Post
      Loving the game so far, the biggest feature I feel is missing from the game however is Research Queuing and Autobuild.

      Some kind of button to automate building something in a queue as long as you have the resources (And supply cap) to do it. I only have to manage a single entity that builds things but I'm commonly focused on managing my units on the field.

      Not only that but I'd love to be able to queue research up when I realize I'm floating in tons of money. I get that I probably shouldn't be floating in money but it only puts me further behind. I have to wait for the current research to finish, it's quite annoying.
      i think the current research and build system is good to make the player more active to check resource floating and unit production which make the game more interesting to play. Adding a research and build progress on the UI would help player notice on going research and unit building.
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        As many others have said here, a replay feature is very much sought after.

        Also, I haven't investigated myself... But the brief time I was on multiplayer... I didn't notice a lobby?! (Something people went nuts over in remaster after they left it out, myself included). I hope someone can confirm my ignorance and they did actually implement it!!


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          Hmmm, definitely bring back the old HW multiplayer parameter options, like the fleet size parameters. Bigger fleet sizes as well, I really wouldn't mind the ability to split my units into actual combined arm battle groups. Maybe even a double carrier option for low population matches? That last one is more wishing though. And some of the options missing from multiplayer gameplay like mines and some others I can't remember, as well.

          And MAAAAAAPPS. Dear god but some variety is needed. If you're tied up with other stuff, definitely put out some map tools and let the community do it for you.


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            A player counter for # of players online would be nice - or even better, number of players currently searching in your queue. This would help manage frustrations on wait times while searching and people could check which had more currently searching: 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3.


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              Carriers should block line of sight


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                First off the game is excellent.

                That said, I got a couple ideas....

                1) Aircraft (interceptors in particular) overkill targets all the time. All three fighters always attack the first target within the template area, usually resulting in one VERY dead target, and a bunch of very lucky other targets =)

                2) Look at bringing back the HW2 population cap system (which was per ship type). This total population cap seems to promote the creation of larger and more powerful units over smaller ones as a LAV is 2 and a cruiser is 4... It forces more variety in the game...

                3) Cruisers. I like them? But I don't? They are really good, but most of them seem to disregard terrain which to me is a crucial and immensely enjoyable aspect of this games combat system. (IE artillery cruisers, coalition battle-cruisers, and perhaps not intentionally, but honour guard cruisers seem to shoot through dunes). Cruisers should dominate clear areas, but be susceptible to the terrain around them, not ignore it.)

                4) The usual battery of MP options such as different pop limits, rush timers, resource start settings etc.

                5) No team balance restriction? I see the reason for it, but sometimes people like the challenge.

                6) More maps. Someone had also brought up a cooperative type experience, which could be neat (I personally want a Mad Max style game mode where you have to pilot a carrier to a far destination with the other team trying to stop it... Might make for a more mobile and fluid experience).

                7) Some sort of capturable structures that give resources or other bonuses (like a mine site, automated production bay, a static repair bay, a heavy turret control node or even orbital strike artifact?).

                8) Resource drops from those massive cargo ships could be an option, adding another dynamic to matches...

                9) Tornadoes, dust storms...

                10) A docking mechanic for smaller vehicles to repair (similar to how aircraft do it). Repair beams are cool though :P

                11) HW3?


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                  I appreciate people wanting faster teching and all, but I would like an option where I can just tick a box, or even a selection box from where I can select a slower teching pace. Like, all research taking longer and so on.


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                    Biggest wishlist item for MP is certainly

                    1. Replays
                    2. Observing MP games - menu option to watch games on delay

                    Something small that MP could use

                    1. Website with full ranked leaderboard


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                      - better AI for offline skirmish and to have better bots in multiplayer
                      - let me ping a location on the map to my team mates
                      - allow unbalanced teams (for comp stomps and other fun stuff)

                      And more maps and another race.


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                        Gaalsien Assault Cruiser for the Gaalsien instead of the Coalition? Or at least have them have it too?


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                          Ping should be added so you can communicate with teammates. Because there isn't a minimap, the audio indicator would have to prompt them to open the tactical map. Since there could be a little delay in doing this, the visual ping location should linger a little longer than usual on the tac map.


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                            Okay, so here are my thoughts on skirmish MP. I won't speak of unit balance in terms of one faction vs another, just how certain units feel in general as I haven't played against players yet, I'm just going to talk about the over all feel of the gameplay itself.

                            1. I played a few games using Gaalsien and the one using the Coalition. Right off the bat, the maps and the modes feel, small. simply put, the campaign maps themselves are actually larger than any of the MP maps. The concept of using a mobile production fleet feels rather pointless, because of how boxed in we are. The unit cap is far too restrictive, I really really wish you guys didn't mimic starcraft on that front. It forces me to choose units over other units, rather than effectively commanding a fleet and creating more diverse options and compositions, I am forced to limit my over all choices because of the hard unit cap. I hate it. Homeworld had a fantastic way if implementing unit caps, that should have been kept here. I wonder why the choice was to make the fleets and forces so relatively small? it just feels like I'm playing a dumbed down Gaalsien or Coalition force from the campaign, that's what starcraft 2 did, that's what I don't want to see. I implore you, please implement the choice of us having larger more realistic sized armies or fleets, let us choose our own caps, how many carriers we want to start with etc. Please give us larger maps, like cape wrath from the mission campaign, or the huge airfield that we had to defend, or tomb of the ancients. Those maps were cool, I loved them. MP games on those would be fantastic.

                            2. The armies feel less interesting than their campaign counterparts. I realize that there needs to be balance, completely understand, so lets take a look at the Caaw Duuk Production cruiser from the campaign vs its skirmish/mp counterpart. The campaign version had more point defense and armaments, made it a bit more intimidating and fun. The MP version only shoots air? at a very slow ROF? That's not exactly fun, that's gimped and just completely demoralizing for me who actually likes the Gaalsien units. The assault ship feels pointless compared to the assault railgun. Why even build one of those? I can research railguns the same time I get the ability to unlock assault research? meh. The salvage operations are slower, like they take more time to pull in resources, making the beginning very painful and limited to rushing right off the bat. We only get 3 cruisers the siege the honorguard and the production cruiser. so no assault cruiser that the coalition gets, kinda lame. I'd like the armies of the Coalition and the Gaalsien to reflect more on the campaign. I'd like to see larger combat vessels, the cruisers feel small and our biggest thing in the end is our carrier, which is a large ship, but I'd like to have ships built from facilities you take over or something to get a battleship class vessel, that's closer to the size of the carrier, you could even limit it to one per faction. I'd also like the option to construct more carriers, if they are what determines our fleet cap, then being able to have 2 or 3 would open up more possibilities of much larger battles. It's not like it is unheard of, in the campaign we've seen battles involving two carriers attacking at once.

                            3. Make the MP feel more like the campaign. Where are the dust storms? how about a day night cycle, or how about some tornados Bring these maps to life with crazy desert weather. How about hacking into the (Insert spoiler here) to activate a certain weapon to deal damage to your enemies. Give us bases to fight over for strategic purposes, some bases could build unique warships, some bases could enhance your fleet from wreckage, some bases could be a trap and have reactors going critical causing the destruction of an entire area. These don't have to be bases either, they could be space ship wrecks and the like. We saw a damaged carrier in the sand in one of the campaign missions, so what about finding wreckaged mothballed carriers and units and sending in teams to reactivate them. Hell you could start with just a base runner and a salvager, and then you gotta go and find all these wrecked ships/vehicles/equipment to establish a force out in the certain desert you're currently trapped in. So many ideas. Lastly I want to express that when I say bases, I do not mean that we construct bases, just that we have them on the map. I want to make that perfectly clear, for example the gaalsien base that we have to fight over in the campaign, that could be a base thats in an MP map that players could fight for control of.

                            4. More units please, It'd be nice to see different carrier types that have different functions that you could start with. I'd like to see destroyer class vessels, which we don't get. Or bigger cruisers, I figure if a railgun is equivalent to the ion cannon, then having a cruiser with just one rail gun (The honor guard) Is kind of boring, I realize its a large cannon, so why not have a cruiser with 4 rail guns, or twin heavy railguns. Some more unique vessels like, a drone ship, a ship that controls a bunch of drones ( Similar to the drone frigate from hw1) or a defense field unit. small little defender units, more corvette like units etc. There just does not seem to be a lot in terms of variety at the moment, so I'm hoping that will change in the future.

                            I do not mean to sound harsh or demanding, these are my thoughts and wishes for the future content of this particular title, Obviously I like other people want to see a HW3, but this title can still take a life on its own. Certainly I believe that the MP is not finished, and it feels rather empty at this point, that's why I don't really want to judge it currently, with 5 maps that are very small at that, even the largest 6 player map pales in comparison to the campaign maps. I can't really give this a score, it feels incomplete, so I'll contribute here in terms of my own wishes to where I would like the MP to go. I really don't want rushing to be the only way to have a good MP game, of course I'm one of those nut cases who like longer more drawn out and larger conflicts, so I do not mean to take away from your average 10-20 minute player. I just want the option to have much bigger games. In conclusion I'd say the MP is at an okay start, it shows off some potential, I'm hoping some of what I wish for will get added to the game, it would increase my enjoyment and replayability for sure. Thank you for taking the time to read through this.
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                              Originally posted by Kaptainkiwi View Post

                              You mean aside from the fact its set on a desert planet with none of those terrain types?
                              The polar regions have more temperate landscapes, according to lore, but we haven't seen them in detail on-screen during the series (as of yet).


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                                I'd like to see a way to at least pass CU/RU to allies in a game. I lost my carrier early due to stupidity but continued to fight and we ended up winning but I was sitting on resources he could have used.
                                I'd also like to see some way to concede the game, it is frustrating to have to sit through the end when you know it is over.