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  • BBI-ekhudson
    started a topic Multiplayer Wishlist

    Multiplayer Wishlist

    Hi guys! The game's been launched for just over an hour, and we're super excited to see everyone playing!

    As you get more familiar with the game, we'd love to hear your thoughts about what you'd like to see for multiplayer, be it balance changes, new abilities, new units, new objectives, map settings, etc. I'm making this thread to serve as a place to record all that feedback.

    See you all among the dunes!

  • BBI-iain
    Can you go into more detail about how you would like to see it improved?



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  • zql9843
    I think Gaalsien Honorguard Cruiser's DPR needs improvement.

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  • Bofan
    Hello to all. I have an idea, feel free criticize it.

    The DoK battle experience is kind of fast paced. This was prevalent in the last couple of missions on Classic, where I spent 90% of the mission time in the tactical overlay, looking at dots and symbols, instead of appreciating the beautiful landscapes of Kharak ravaged by the movement of armies, gunfire, explosions, etc. Even moreso, I barely had the time to use most of the unit's special abilities, which was contrary to the first few missions. So my proposal is the following:

    Add a more tactical game mod, either with limited resources or with limited fleets (TW style). Make the use of every advantage of terrain, positioning and unit abilities the key deciding factor in the outcome of the battle (game session). To compensate, maybe increase the HP of units by a smidge, to create more prolonged battles where players will have more time to outmaneuver their opponents.

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  • Kyle756
    I have taken the time to go more in depth on stuff I would like to see in regards to a new faction and Khaaneph/Soban reworks in the forum topic listed below.


    For anyone else, feel free to use this topic to post your own design ideas.

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  • Kyle756
    1. The Recycle command doesn't appear for Gaalsien Heavy Railguns due to their abilities taking up all available slots when selecting them.

    2. Currently, Khaaneph Shadow Runners can only build a lifetime of 8 blast drones. This limit is unaffected by the loss of already built Drones. The only way to build more is to build more baserunners. Is this intended?

    3. Khaaneph have no means to heal their baserunners.

    4. Gaalsien Baserunner could still use some buffs. Particularly, the cooldown on the sensor ability is too long.
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  • Kyle756
    More Suggestions on skirmish:

    1. The ability to manually select map spawn locations in a skirmish match for player and AI opponents.

    2. The ability to manually select paint schemes for AI opponents.

    3. 2v2v2 and 2v2v2v2 as a game-type option.

    4. 8 player maps, and more 6 player maps.

    5. It doesn't appear that Soban units gain names when they go up in veterancy.

    6. When playing as Coalition against Soban. The destruction of a Sobanni Battlecruiser produced the voice statement "Honor Guard Cruiser destroyed".
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  • Kyle756
    Suggestions on Fleet Pack DLCs

    1. In order to further the differences between the Soban and Coalition as a sub-faction, I would suggest the following:

    First, that the Soban not be able to field some Coalition units. Specifically, I think the Soban shouldn't be able to field the Assault Cruiser and Gunship. They weren't on the expedition, so they shouldn't have Gaalsien tech for the assault cruiser. As for the Gunship, they have only taken from the S'jet what they thought they would need.

    Second, I think the Soban should get a faction specific LAV plus 1 other completely new strikecraft. This would produce a faction with more early game variety, as the other 2 factions only have 1 type of strikecraft (LAVs or Sandskimmers).

    Third, the Soban don't need to replace their AAvs or anti-air vehicles, as these are Sobanni vehicles in the lore. However, I think they should get a new vehicle type in the heavy class that isn't a type of railgun but something that hasn't been seen before.

    2. From the tease in the Soban fleet pack trailer, and how the Soban were handled, I can the see momentum building. I'm increasingly starting to think that the Khaaneph are going to be a sub-faction of the Gaalsien instead of a full faction. Although I will accept this if it ends up being the case, I would greatly prefer it not to be. The game needs to have a full, third faction with its own unrelated tech and style, and I hope it will eventually.
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  • chimas
    I'll take some time in the weekend to read all the thread.

    I have 2 suggestions, but also might come later to add more:

    1. - Give the bomber a special weapon, which is, instead of one bomb, you can have a second bomb and together they can make up to 80% of the current stand alone bomb. This special weapon would have to be activated before using the first bomb;

    2. - Probably this is more complicated, but give the gunship and the bomber an anti-missile counter-measure against only a missile per attack. It can be given to the fighter too, but then it would lose one attack missile.

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  • EnchantedSorrow
    I haven't seen this mentioned yet so I apologise if I'm repeating.

    Middle mouse panning should lock the pointer (or give that option) to it's position in the screen instead of moving along the screen, otherwise, it sorts of defeats the purpose of using it. It's not a big issue with small movements but moving more than half a screen length tends to cause unintended things to happen (like clicking the sensor tab or edge-scrolling by mistake)

    Another minor gripe would be to have the ability to make minor adjustments to the UI. The main one I have an issue with is the sensor tab as it is the closest to the centre of the screen and relatively accessible with default hotkeys.

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  • EnchantedSorrow
    I can's see anything about it so I apologise in advance. When you use middle-mouse pan, the mouse moves along the screen instead of staying put, which sort of defeats the purpose of using the middle mouse panning. Most RTS-es and Mobas that I've experienced at least have them locked to where they are when clicked. This isn't a huge issue with small movements but when you make larger pan-movements, you end up clicking things that you don't intend to (e.g. the sensor map or activating edge-panning by mistake.)

    Another minor suggestion is to allow for UI customisation like removing certain aspects from the screen. The main one I have a gripe with is the Sensor button at the bottom as it is one that sits closest to the middle of the screen. For those using default keys, Space is generally quite accessible (and significantly easier) to press vs hitting that button.

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    I hope this is the right place to post this suggestion -- Firstly congratulations and thanks for the excellent soban fleet pack! I love the alternate design for the soban carrier, especially the new landing bay for fighters and the slanted front design (I think the soban carrier can be briefly seen in one of the cut cinematics from the expedition guide right?)

    It's been mentioned quite a fair bit already but i'd love to see as many of the original hardware era designs reintroduced in any way possible. Fleet packs / alternate factions / unlockables for exp or achievements? ... anything at all that could bring back some of the lost units would be really cool. It would be *especially* great to see the aircraft make a return, along with:
    -the various trucks and buggies
    -whatever role all of these were going to play
    -and even some of the very very early iterations of the baserunner would be fun (I think ive spotted round 4-6 so far?)

    If at some point in the future it looks like reintroducing these lost units isn't going to be possible -- Perhaps units that made it to the point where a model was made could be thrown inside the expedition guides model viewer? It'd be great to have an archive of everything and be able to see the design evolution for all of the units. It could also provide a better chance for the lost units to be reintroduced as mods one day down the line

    Thank you again for all the work that's gone into DoK, I hope there's lot's more to come!

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  • tantramilitant
    How about to grant player an ability to choose bombers payload variants before send them in? One huge bomb with mediocre accuracy, high-precision yet less powerful one, number (2-4) of high precision or cluster attack munitions? Maybe even anti-air missiles. It's essential for gaalsien

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  • 2biT
    Love the game and the continued support!

    Some of my personal feedback on balance:


    Skimmers are too strong currently, I think reducing their HP from 700 to 500-600 would balance them much better against LAV's and reduce the power of early skimmer rushing which is currently making Gal v Gal (and larger team games Gal/Gal/Gal vs etc) all about who builds the most skimmers. Especially for the early encounters/retrieval battles which are going to happen when the starting base runners are added in the next patch.

    Assault tanks are rightly getting a major buff to hopefully compensate a reduction in skimmer power, an alternative buff is the reducing the research RU cost it's currently way too high for early game use as an alternative 'fast tech' over skimmers.

    Production cruiser refinery cost 'feels' a tad too high, I'm not sure on how the economics match up between the two factions though.

    Gal base-runner needs a slightly bigger range on it's heal ability and some form of drone scout.

    Honor-guard cruiser needs a slight buff and a beefy animation to match that huge rail-gun.


    LAV boost ability research costs way, way to much for what it does, ideally i'd like them to come with it out of the box and some of the cost added into the weapons upgrades. The first armor upgrade costs way to much to be used early game I'd probably knock it down by 100 or even half it.

    Assault cruiser AA needs removing, AA from missile ships, support cruisers and production cruisers is more than enough.

    Battle cruiser and artillery cruisers feel like they take ages to get I would look at reducing their research costs/times, it's too temping to go down the mass AAV/rails route and just use AC's late game.

    Gunship.. I love that animation, but needs a damage buff and a research option to take on hardier vehicles.

    Support cruisers cost is a little high considering its generally just a resource drop off point and vulnerable to raiding. Making it cheaper (450-500 RU) will also allow it to double up as a main repair unit in the field. Or alternatively make it dirt cheap (300 RU) but put the repair beams on the base-runner through an upgrade?


    Drone scouting should be RU free for both factions and a larger bubble.

    Missile ships for both factions barrage ability is brilliant but I think it needs a longer range.

    Air-power is in an odd state, it's over powered until AA is around then it becomes nearly useless. Maybe a late game 'expensive' research option for chaff/flares to avoid some AA? It's also currently hard to macro.


    Re-assignable keybindings.

    The usual range of MP options for non-ranked games, including a carrier power level pre-set. I'd like to see some carrier on carrier action for fun!

    Sometimes it's hard to know when I have the high ground at a glance, I'd probably make the + more visible.


    Option to reset my win/loss ratio and ranking? I think my first 20 odd 1v1 games where against Agame and Greppi and I got crushed in everyone of them, it's really thrown my win % off :-P

    Dune Sea Map feels a bit un-balanced on 1v1 matches, if you loose the early encounters and you don't have the high ground. It's near impossible to take it back. It's basically a kill zone from one side facing down on two artifact points or a direct height advantage on their carrier/resources from the other. I think shifting the starting points or artifact placements might even it out or... I just need more practice

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  • BlueHairOMO
    More suggestions to add....

    Carriers/Support Cruisers/Production Cruisers should all have a docking ability for salvagers/LAVs/any future small craft. Make them the "carriers" that we do not have.

    Support Cruisers/Production Cruisers should get a small HP buff. If a small skimmer/LAV wad can take out a PC/SC in the time it takes to deploy a turret, they may be a tad too fragile. HW Resource Controllers are bricks.

    Support Cruisers/Production Cruisers should self-heal. They are currently targeted in early game instead of salvagers. This is a function of the abpove suggestion re: low HP. Healing others but not yourself??? HW scouts would never have the nerve to attempt this. Salvager kills are inconvenient to be sure. Support Cruiser kill early is crippling.

    Stances are needed - Aggressive, Neutral, Defensive. Guard command is a semi-aggressive stance but not as controlled.

    Baserunner should have a small turret; like the campaign but weaker. Not needed if mines are implemented.

    Mines - 75 CU. 5-10 second build. 1 fleet slot(or even longer build time). Slightly larger area of effect than current stock campaign model. Cost, time, and slot space would make them self-limiting. Utility would make them present. Baserunners should have some form of defense while they run away and wait for turret deployment cooldown. Separate research(250 CU/75 RU) that comes AFTER AAV research.

    Baserunner drones should cost more and show more. That teeny bubble is just sad, and I for one am willing to pay for better intel before it gets popped.

    Increase Missile Battery Mortar range. They are rear line units that rush to the front to mortar. Not good.

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