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Carriers too easy to kill

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  • Carriers too easy to kill

    I played and won 2 skirmish and 2 multiplayer games and my first impression of balance is that the carriers die way too fast (to a handful of railguns or a battlecruiser). You can burst them down while ignoring defending units even without a massive army. They probably get a lot tougher once you research the power reserves and turn on reactive armor, but by the time someone's done that I will already be rushing them witha decent sized force and they will have had to sacrifice unit research and production to get there.

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    Thanks for your feedback!

    I have some follow up questions:

    -> Which game mode were you playing? 1v1? Team games?
    -> When you rushed the enemy with your army, did they have a similar size army or were you already winning?

    Carrier can be quite fragile mid game if you don't purchase the power upgrades, if you are coalition I suggest you use the support cruiser repair if your carrier is in danger, and as gaalsien you can maybe rely on the auto-regeneration shunt, those will definitely help out a bit.