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    One thing I have noticed is that you are unable to view games in the global server\lobby. I am able to join through steam but unable to view games that aren't in my current region (USA). This needs to change if this game wants to have a stable multiplayer experience. Even on launch day I only see one maybe two games in the lobby, yet I know there are multiple games out of my region.

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    Heartily agree, as someone from New Zealand I've noticed games are reallly thin on the ground.


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      Yup it sucks to be down here atm, You can cheat it by changing your download region to US Los Angeles, or someplace similar. But ideally we shouldn't have to do that.


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        Yep, this is the biggest issue in multiplayer right now and it needs to be addressed ASAP. Those who aren't in the USA or Europe are having a hard time finding games.

        I'm in Michigan, USA but I never saw more than 3 games being hosted in the public lobby today. I tried auto-match, but gave up after a few minutes of searching. My buddies in Europe were unable to see the games I hosted in the server list - and visa versa. We had to invite each other to get into the same game.

        Homeworld Remastered had this same issue at launch and fixed it maybe 1 week later.
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          I am already on the Los Angeles server for steam and I still rarely see any games. Although when I do start a match people usually join, for some reason people just don't want to create public matches. Automatch is quite horrid at the moment. We also need to be able to see who is in queue for each type of matchmaking for example 4 people are in queue for 2v2 ranked and 10 are in queue for 2v2 unranked.

          Edit: You can join your friends off steam if they are in another region, I joined people in Europe when I am in the US. So the region lock needs to be removed on the lobby\matchmaking.