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Gaalsien a little weak at times.

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  • Gaalsien a little weak at times.

    I really like the specialized hit and run units on this team but i think they have a big problem with defense. Its great when your on the attack as you can pull back, your units repair themselves and then you go back in. Or you can kite them round with your long range rail guns and even suddenly ambush them over a dune. However when theres a time when you cant just run from the fight like they are attacking your carrier it seems like you cant do much about it. your units just dont match head on and you dont have much in the way of defence. I just find that if you end up on the defensive as a gaalsien team against a coalition team then in most cases you will never win. I would much prefer some chance to try defend or make a come back.

    Another small point is that in a annihilation game there needs to be more resource points randomly around the map and not just on the edges as i think the 2 differences in tactics of the teams will make for interesting game play and not just a game of avoiding each other round the edges to get to each others carriers.