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Dual expand or not?

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  • Dual expand or not?

    I have been playing Ian quite a bit... coalition player that gets quick AAV. It is adjusted my game to NOT early expand and more often than not due to difficulties in defending multiple AAV on smaller maps. However when I play Greipi, he always earlier expands and if i do not I am behind in both skill and econ.... death sentence!

    When playing Tren, my performance varies solely on what he is doing.. If he is early expanding I can do pretty OKAY until mid-late when I get out played. However if he rushes I die fast. NOTE obviously large skill gap between us.

    Scouting is something I try to do a lot of... but there is a very thin window when the intel is needed. There is very little room for error if that scout window is missed.

    So my question. On Fire Base F. If playing someone in your own skill group, do you have a specific window you scout? And in the same situation are you likely to expand or rush on that map? Does it also depend on the opponent's faction?

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    All of those things depend on faction and map. Coalition/Soban have an easier time with fast expand, and it typically pretty safe. With Gaalsien/Khaan, I prefer double PC aggro, into a dual expand. FYI DUAL expand, at least imo, means expanding twice. Going from 1 mining location to 3. NEVER open that way in a 1v1. Ever. Thats suicide lol.


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      Ok when I say dual expand i meant 2... my lingo is off then. Perhaps I should say early expansion.

      My goto has been dual PC (for both gaal and khan) and either keep applying pressure or fall back after some pressure and dual expand to 3 bases. (correct use of the term dual expand this time).

      My problem is when playing a better play my agro is usually less cost effective which puts me way behind going into the mid game. And being behind versus better skilled player is still a death sentence.