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  • Multiplayer Commentary.

    For new players, or anyone looking to check out the multiplayer scene or improve their game. I will provide links to YouTube channels where you can find good multiplayer commentary.

    Dreamlands is my channel, it has a heavy focus on DoK, and Ive got over 50 videos of DoK multiplayer across a range of skill levels and game types, in addition to other content. New DoK videos uploaded every week.You can find these videos here:

    Majiir Paktu also has a channel with a lot of very good casts of tournament games. Find his videos here:

    Coercer also casts a lot of tournament games on his channel. Veteran player, good casting. Find his videos here:

    Tren also casts competitive games, with a focus on analysis and improving play. Great learning material. Find those videos here:

    Finally, Magpie842. He doesnt cast DoK anymore, but his channel has a lot of great casts from older tournaments. Recommended. Find those here:


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    These videos are a great way to learn the game, and an absolute blast to watch!


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      Indeed, one of the finest contents for DOK that there is.